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Tabero is an inclusive community built on great connections and good vibes around dining tables. Diners book with Host Restaurants and Home Cooks around the world for unique, alternative, social dining experiences, where they’ll meet new people and make friends.

How it works

For restaurants

Tabero can get your restaurant extra customers, at no cost to you whatsoever, with diners pre-paying full house prices before they arrive in your restaurant, and you’re not being asked for a discount.

We’ve identified a great opportunity to help restaurants, post-Covid19 to get bums on seats using our unique, secure booking system that has significant value for restaurants.

  • Pre-payment is guaranteed – diners pay through the Tabero platform at the time of booking prior to dining with you.
  • Low risk – choose a table or area that might usually be difficult to fill during off-peak times and days. Even choose a day or night you might ordinarily be closed.
  • Restaurants get to use Tabero as a free marketing channel to promote that you are back open for business and Covid-compliant.
  • Less time is needed to spend with customers in restaurants – you will already know what diners will be ordering from curated menus, based on your regular menu. This promotes safety for both sides of the marketplace – less contact.
  • Tabero promotes the dining events on social media and other media channels. We’ll tag you in these too to generate traction for all.
  • As a host restaurant you can communicate with each diner should you wish to do so within theplatform. Having that channel promotes safety and a sense of community prior to and after the event.
  • The MenuMaker area of the platform is a great opportunity for chefs and owners to create and develop menus, new ideas and concepts that you can try out on a new audience.
  • Your restaurant and brand provide an alternative social outlet that connects people in a new community of foodies which is great PR – connecting people back together for brunch clubs, lunch clubs or supper clubs. A well needed social outlet, post-Covid.

For diners

Book with host restaurants and home cooks in their homes or private spaces for alternative, extremely social dining experiences. Discover new food and friendship in a community that offers the introvert, the extrovert, the open-minded and curious, lots of opportunity, choice and something different.

For home cooks

Make money from your passion for cooking and hosting, show off your culinary skills, (and your home) if that’s your thing. Provide that alternative social outlet in your own home or private space, and then get paid for it! Share that recipe from your childhood or neighbourhood, share a plate of delicious home cooked food, whether part of an elaborate menu or a family favourite that allows you to share a part of yourself. Get the conversation flowing with new friends around your table. Dine and discover an amazing community of table heroes, just like you. Sign up below.


At Tabero, we connect you through dining experiences people love, remember and share. We’re all about creating memories that inspire others to take part.

Discover an amazing community where nobody has to be alone and where food and conversation are at the heart of every experience.